Tuesday, April 15, 2008

baitball @ wandering goat

This was a real good show. The 'Ball just gets better n better. Note D. Boon sticker on Andrew's bass. Todd McSweatPits on guitar!

Last night I watched Zach Greinke shut down the Mariners at Brian's house--TWO Royals pitchers with ERA's under one and three and oh records? Whoa!

Sam Bond's show Saturday was really fun...we played all the new album material that we know...leaving out the handful that we only kinda know...up to The Red Room in Portland Friday for a show with Low-Fi from Boise.

It is confirmed, by the sunspots that flare from the surface of the sun that warms our planet, that The Underlings will be c0-releasing their new record on Daily Records.
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