Tuesday, April 22, 2008

captain's log

Friday's pdx show with Low-Fi was real good--they are a sharp band. (See photo above of two drummers named Mike, and Todd.) Thanks to folks who came out to The Red Room--they may have a shower curtain for a bathroom stall but they booked good bands Friday.

Stress-0-meter has been making alot of bloops and bleeps lately, but I did manage to pull logs around the beach with a rusty chain, entertaining the dogs and blowing off steam.

The Bo Diddley anthology is so good. I guarantee you'll be dancing around the house feeling like a nut if you put this on. I also got the Replacements "best of" cd. It's pretty good...I don't know, that's just so hard to do, sequencing chronologically, picking a song or so from each era. Boy, how many winter time walks did I take listening to those songs on my Walkman in Iowa City...172 pounds of midwest angst and optimism, with a backache from toting both the Riverside Shakespeare and the big leather red Chaucer. Out on the West Coast the centrality of this band really isn't a given...it's neither hot enough nor cold enough nor Lutheran enough, this side of the mountains.

Must highly recommend New York Doll, a documentary about Arthur "Killer" Kane. Saturday my Netflix list hit a deep trough: Suspiria, Mean Streets, and The Burden of Dreams all came on one day. I was burnt to a crisp from getting back from the Red Room at 4 AM and watched all three. I learned that the star of Suspiria, Jessica Taylor, now makes albums of songs for kids. That movie was ultra-stylish but she made it great. An ingenue with a squeaky voice would have made that movie camp; she was deliberate, smart, and earnest, which made it a dark fairy tale with a beginning, middle, and end. Needless to say, Werner Herzog has no kids albums that I know of. His ruminations about the fecund morbidity of the Peruvian jungle in Burden of Dreams seemed weighted somewhat in the direction of the human experience. Bullet ants don't know deadly humid fornication from Rilke. That is glib...I loved that intensity, the beauty of a serious person speaking in complete paragraphs, and that the production of Fitzcarraldo went on for so long, through so many trials, that they wore out their only soccer ball.
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