Monday, April 7, 2008

Crosswalks @ Kelly's in PDX

These are some shots of The Crosswalks from Kelly's Olympian about a month ago. It kind of shows the projection behind the band but doesn't really do it justice. I have some from the Baitball show the other night too--they really rocked.

I have ridden my bike to work the last couple of days and love it, it's about half on the bike path by the Amazon slough. Today I saw a heron and a huge nutria. Didn't have fire starter for the pellet stove so dealt with the traffic and intersections to go to Fred Meyer. It wasn't so bad.

I started a new Dan Simmons book: Hyperion. It's sci-fi, full of cool jargon ("interdiction fields" and "fatline receivers") and the story has me hooked.

First prak for the Strummer tribute band really rocked. I'm mucho honored to have been asked by the guys in that group. I'm also singing the National Anthem at the Emerald City Roller Derby game at the end of the month. Doh!!!!
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