Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've read alot more about this band than I've actually listened to the records.....definitely something to the proto-punk lingo that often gets applied, after getting down with it lately. It's not that the Stooges, Sonics, VU, various Nuggets-era people didn't hammer out the basic punk/garage carbeurator, pistons, and cylinders...but this has a certain...careening momentum...I guess you could say it's the sound of insane affirmation. A certain kind of melodic hollering.

I sang the national anthem at the Emerald City Roller Derby yesterday. I practiced my butt off, while walking the dog, driving to work, brushing my teeth, etc. Did not want to space out the words in front of 3,000 rabid roller derby fans. Heeded multiple advisors who said "start low." Chris Ross set me up with a cordless mic and guitar cable...whew, that was nerve-wracking and fun. The roller derby clubs all kicked ass.
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