Friday, May 30, 2008

After Bellingham, Astoria--a fun gig at a cool place: The Fort George Brewery. Chris is brewing good beer and has put together a good spot there. He has heard of Ninkasi--they have a rep that's growing all over the place. Lotta driving. Remembered the Tom Nunes rule: keep a gallon jug of water in the car and stay hydrated while you work your 4-wheel machine. Better than junk food or too much coffee. Wandering Goat here in Eugene, tomorrow. One of Mike's last shows, for a while--too much going on for him professionally and with his fam to do the regular band thing. He's got a solo songwriter album brewing too. I will miss playing with him and hanging with him. He's been in the driver's seat of the Squids for three years and I've learned so much from his quiet, low-key strength.

On other fronts, it is almost June and I am still firing up the pellet stove at night. I know it's the climate I choose to live in, but can somebody please tell the sun to come out, SOON?

In Bellingham I found Richard Thompson's Hand of Kindness record and a Flight of the Conchords poster (plus Wings record) for my gal, at a record store called Avalon Records (?). Any given record or band or song can glimpse at the human experience...then you hear a Richard Thompson album and it's got footing so way down in there on so many levels.

I saw Michael Meade speak and tell stories in Eugene last week. That was great. He has a new book out called The World Behind the World.
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