Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just back from the Green Frog Acoustic Cafe & Tavern, where I had a good time singing to David, Amy, and Chris (and other kind patrons) after a crab dinner and much catching up on the hometown Liberty peeps, what we know of them anyway...Green Frog is a cool music spot, a good listening room vibe without being too stuffy. I haven't been to Bellingham in at least ten years--I like the feel of it, something weird blowing in from up North...singing songs for old friends was super cool because much time has passed, many experiences, but the roots are the same.

Last night I konked at a rest stop north of Vancouver...tried out the van for camping purposes for the first my book with the headlamp, slept really well. Had this odd phenomenon--Built to Spill songs stuck in my head with technicolor clarity. Synaptically similar to actually listening to the radio, or so it seemed. Forgot to bring a kettle but found one at Ace Hardware in a small town, for $8.88. Small, 6 cup dealie with a copper bottom. The cashier had red white and blue hair, for Memorial Day weekend. I futzed around in various ways and got to Bellingham by 5:30. Listened to Vic Chestnutt's Ghetto Bells album, with one of my alltime favorite songs on it, "forthright." (I think, anyway, it's track 6.) Slowing down enough to make coffee with a cone filter at a rest stop--don't take my word for it, give it a try, you don't need a high speed connection, or a cyber-shunt injecting wires into your noggin-atrix.
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