Saturday, May 10, 2008

takin' a ride

Squids took a trip up to the White Eagle in Portland last night...played with Silverhawk on their cd release show. I drove up with Mike and we listened to the Replacements anthology, the one that came out on Rhino. I've been reading their oral history All Over But the Shouting. It's kinda hard to put it into words... I never saw the original band, I never saw them with Chris Mars. I saw a really sharp show at Carver Hawkeye arena in the winter of early 1991. I remember Westerberg walking on peoples' hands and shoulders during "unsatisfied." Nobody barfed or fell down and nary a Sweet cover was mauled or any of the shenanigans you read about. Kim Chun wrote a cool preview of the show in the Hawkeye paper. That was about the time she turned me on to Flying Burrito Brothers and such. Whatever. What I meant to say was that it's both inspring and almost unbearable to read about Bob Stinson and if all of us read this book and don't try to somehow Stinson-ize some aspect of our being, in a benign way, not in a way that'd kill ya, we should all just stick a fork in it. Even if it's just walking down to the river to watch the ducks, listening to your favorite songs on a walkman. The only thing that's really hard to convey is the combination of The Replacements and the kind of heat in August that burns the grass while you walk down to the corner store for a Big Gulp. Also, snow melting on the floorboards of your car. That isn't a West Coast reality. But that's heavy nostalgia. If I left Oregon I'd be nostalgic for mandolin-funk bands that sing about weed. NOT.
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