Monday, June 23, 2008

line 6 squid licks

Last I blogged I was complaining about the cold NW weather as if I had not moved here, on purpose, knowing what it's like. We're in the two to four month stretch of nicer weather now. Some of the cherries on the tree in the back yard are ripe. I pretty much get up with the sun.

I stopped at CD World on the way home from work today and Chad turned me on to a droney avant metal band called Earth that is playing the WOW Hall tonight. I haven't gone out on a monday in a long time...I asked Chad that most crucial question, about metal of all kinds: "is the singing dumb?"

We played an impromptu opener at Sam Bond's Friday...trio-style, because Ryan has had a contracting gig on the coast. I got to play through this Line 6 stack that belonged to the guitar player from Mod Lewis--it had all the amp models listed on the front. I dialed in something like "British Saturation," and I daresay I'll not compare it to a biscuit dunked in Earl Grey. That was pretty fun. I was thinking it might be cool for Line 6 to feature an action figure for each guitar sound, so that if you dial in Jeff Beck, a little Jeff Beck action figure pops out of the top of the amp and spins around in a plexiglass dome while you chump your own licks using his tone.

I also read the back page feature in this guitar magazine the other day, where the guy from such and such a band says "good tone is really in your hands. I don't use much in the way of effects anymore." But the diagram of his rig looked like a map of Hong Kong, there were like 18 or 20 elements at least.

Dan and Rachel's wedding was Saturday night out in Pleasant Hill--we say many fine folks and danced to Big Audio Dynamite under a canopy of twinkly lights.

Last night I went out on somewhat of a culinary limb and grilled small heads of cauliflower for a pasta dish. That was damn good. Cauliflower is sort of the Ralph Nader of vegetables--needs a little something to actually make it to the table. Last week I took a shot at Gary Sumner's viking chicken--stuffed with rosemary and garlic, in the bird as well as under the skin. Something wasn't right. I need to make a consultatory phone call.

Watched this movie this weekend--good.

Alot of download action on my site--people from Austria, France, Germany, Houston, checking out songs. It used to be a few every few days, now it's averaging quite a bit more. I like that funky stuff going out there in i-pod land. I just wish that those who like their music free would at least send a postcard. It's neat getting mail. I don't know anybody in Houston.

Happened upon this mutation of Wobegon.
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