Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ryan's awesome sticker design

I am catching up with a few things...including getting this sticker printed...

June-tober is really pissing me off. It feels like we should be getting ready for the holiday season. I generally like the ambient temp closer to 98.6 than to, say, the temperature of a drawer at the morgue, especially in JUNE. And yet, I read in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People that proactive types don't let the weather affect their mood or attitude. I came up a habit or two short as I had to use the book to START A FIRE. In JUNE. Just kidding.

The Laurelthirst show was a good one. Micah sat in on drums and that was sweet--he nailed it all. Combining the excellences of Brian and Ryan with the excellence of Micah was most excellent and excellent high fives were exchanged all around. Pete Wilde and Adam and Lewi and Jeeves sounded great. Club sandwich: very fine. Crowd: super fine. Pat, Norm, Dave, Jen, and many more. And the guy who said he'd been working too much construction and needed to dance and then bought the whole discography will be someone I'll always remember.
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