Saturday, June 7, 2008

There are like 4 new releases by Greg Ginn and his various bands at I downloaded the new Texas Corrugators album and the Jambang...I just dig his guitar playing. The Corrugators are weird, there is an on-purpose irritating quality to the repetition of 4 bar scuzz-jazz phrases, each interesting in its vibe and Ginn-ness. There was always a grating/irritating element to Black Flag that you can't really put your finger on. Bands from the same era approximate the sonics of Flag without getting it at all. Ginn was never a minor-league FM rock guitar player in training for corporate support (you know what bands I'm talking about.) Flag had more in common with Werner Herzog walking across Europe than they did Triumph. Rat Music for Rat People, it was called, and it was also the blues. Yeah, I wish he'd make an organic rock album again, but artists have to take things apart, sometimes for a long time. In the meantime there are all these odd things showing off his scritchy strangulated weird ax-fiddling.

Up to Portland tonight for a show w/ Peter Wilde at the Laurelthirst. Micah Cassell is sitting in on the drums w/ the Squids. We start a new album on july 18.

Reading the latest James Lee Burke novel, in the Robicheaux series, the first to engage Katrina and the aftermath of that. I'm still wondering if it is possible the new Robicheaux movie is missing Cletus Purcell. How can that be? Mickey Rourke could do it in a heartbeat. Or Gary Busey. Or John Goodman.

I've decided not to check in on the Royals until they send me 3 months worth of Paxil samples and a case of ball park franks. @#$%#@#$#@#$%%!!!!!

Lots of good stories in baseball all over the league, though, Tampa Bay being the best.
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