Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here is a grainy low-fi photo of Ed, Tina, and Louis that I really like.

Do "to-do" lists work? Discuss.

I have many notebooks with many to do lists in them, some of them years old, and the only way they seem to work for me is through some sort of general one point I revisited old lists to see what I had knocked off and alot of the lists got done...months or years later, through some law of general intention. Basically I think to-do lists can seize up or overwhelm one's personal volition by setting an impossible standard or undoable series of tasks. The reward of knocking an action off the list becomes underwhelming and lonely and one decides to glide through life like a shark or an extremely focused criminal from an existential French thriller, not prodding oneself to clean the gutters but rather doing it without receiving a gold star from within or without. At any rate, doing nothing is at the top of my list today, but the list is more a slant of light than actual writing on paper. Sometimes this is called "following your nose," or "down time." The Chinese government has banned the characters that approximate these phrases until they figure out how to control the weather with artillery shells and foam grenades.

I have a crush on this ax-fiddle. Patrick had super good luck with his Dillion, which he played like a maniac on the Squids album. I was asked what my dream guitar is and that is a hard question...I think finding a dream guitar is more like finding a tree you like, or a certain view when you are out taking a walk. Guitars shouldn't cost too much, they should just stay in tune and have good pick-ups and tight wiring.
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