Sunday, July 27, 2008

Easy Bass, Easy Rider

Today I went to the mall and saw Step-Brothers, which had its moments...then to Guitar Center to pluck on Melody Makers, of which they had none. The 2007 reissue with two pickups is looking good to me. Played some Les Paul Special II's, also. I did find this short-scale Gretsch Electromatic bass and decided to put the money down, about three tanks of gas worth of bass, and far less pollution. Good for 4-tracking, easy to get around on, and fun. It looks pretty cool too.

This was a fantastic documentary. I also watched Easy Rider for the first time EVER friday night. Some of the camping scenes reminded me of the Our Gang episode where they go camping and the bullfrog accidentally casts its shadow on the wall and everyone gets really scared. On the other hand I could really use a couple weeks in the mountains, which is how these road mythologies often translate into the ordinary lives of people who don't get trust fund checks. It was cool to check out one of the core stories of that era, and the commune was earnest in a funny but good way. As in those shirts you see kids wearing these days: the hippies were right.
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