Friday, July 4, 2008

Tuesday I went to Cozmic Pizza and saw Greg Ginn and the Taylor Texas Corrugators, who morphed into Jambang after a break. Here's a current article about his goings-on, moving to Texas, etc. I talked to him a little bit after the show and stood there like a full-on blushing nerd. He was really cool about it even though he's into doing what he does now more than reminiscing about the Loose Nut tour. I wish Mark Hoffman had been there.

Our show at the Olympic Trials (sunday @ 11:45 a.m.) looks like it is gonna be fun, on a big stage with fat sound system--much thanks to Cindy and everyone there for including us. Two weeks from now we hit the studio and knock out some new tracks. Jason has this new carafe-less coffee maker, you just press the mug up against the tab and the coffee comes out. I like that, ALOT, I think it will contribute to a good recording situation, along with his mad skills and our ninja squid chops.

Last weekend we went up to Salem to get berries for Lulu's and hit Ranch Records on the way back. I found the last DC3 record, The Good Hex, the 7th Sonic Youth e.p in their series (described by Jasper at Ranch as "totally noisy!" but to me it was relaxing and helped me paint the dining room with masterful precision.) I also found Til Tuesday's last record, one of my favorite pop slabs of all time.
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