Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back in town after a quick trip down to Roseburg for Ryan and Holly's wedding. I got to spin cd's on a rented Numark Dual cd player. Awoke this morning to most unpleasant feelings of late-breaking early morning sunstroke, having sat in half-shade most of the afternoon playing random songs between sure-fire cuts from Purple Rain and Earth Wind and Fire's Greatest Hits. A rather large breakfast and many glasses of water helped. An hour of The Food Channel at the hotel was helpful as well. I learned how to make horchata from Ingrid Hoffman and a dude with tattoos and whatnot made porkchops with fried potato salad and braised cabbage. My career as a DJ may have really gone in the tank when I inadvertantly popped "Open Arms" back to the beginning just as Steve Perry was hitting the money in the bridge. If anyone appreciated my Clash/Bo Diddley segue, please call or write. What was I doing DJ'ing a wedding without an 80's mix cd and an extended nuptial jam of "Brick House"?

Enjoying a love, life, and culinary memoir called Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunee.

The weather has suddenly turned toward Autumn in the valley, but down in Roseburg we were walking around downtown and heard a woman say to her friends, "we are channeling Cedar Rapids." Hot, sticky, close to the river, downtown with only a few antique shops and cafes open. The geese seemed happy, and it was good weather for checking out rusty muskets and old hatboxes at the secondhand mall.

Dare the words "haunting" or "luminous" be used in connection with any work of art, ever again? If only to recommend this flick.
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