Sunday, August 3, 2008

Feeling pleasantly useless today, heating up chicken soup and watching TV and playing my tele.
We had a super fun show with The Underlings Friday night at the Oak Street Speakeasy, a place that is really well-appointed for a rock and roll show, great p.a., sound person, big stage...The Underlings kicked ass more than usual and whopped everyone upside the head with a cover of "TV Eye." Dave hollered that song like he meant it. It was AWESOME. May Harpoon is a really cool new band. They touch alot of art-punk touchstones but have real songs and an excellent front man.

Last night was a double bar-b-q night with a pre-Strummer Tribute-b-q at Eric Sutton's house. Steaks, Big Boys and The Clash on the IPod, chickens running around, and Eric's amazing art. Then on to Ed's birthday-b-q. Clash practice tonight at Jivon's warehouse. We've added "Spanish Bombs" to our set. We're getting amped up for the big show on 8/16. It has been a great experience learning these songs top to bottom, and living inside the lyrics day by day. Good solid summer time fun...

I have a new guitar crush this week, a Gibson All American Melody Maker II, with tremolo bar and dual pick ups. The 2007 Melody Maker reissues also flip my dials, esp the dual pick-up model. These are kind of rare, and out of production. My amp is getting re-tubed at Mike Nemeth's shop (relocated to 11th and Fillmore with a new name, Twisted Wires.) He gave me quite the spiel on Russian tube factories and the various intrigues going on there. The Ampeg has done hard duty for like 8 years now. It'll be a new amp next week. The little blue light is gonna shine again, the duct-tape handle replaced, and the pigtail with the broken ground prong replaced.
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