Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Strummer tribute was a success last night, a bunch of folks out to raise money for the skate park and see The Underlings and Casey Neill tear it up. ZZ Clash put out intense energy but I scrambled some of the eggs with a dropped verse here and there, and what do you say to that but: people had a good time and oh well! What a righteous opportunity Eric Sutton put together for a bunch of musicians and fans of music. In alot of ways it cleared the creative decks, blasted off the barnacles. It was not at all what I expected, doing that stuff live. I f'd up my Tele on the first song from playing it so hard. The energy coming out wasn't orderly. If you want order, you go to McDonalds and place an order. If you want to mess around with Clash energy you're not gonna be in charge. We took a long bike ride today and that got my noodles back in the bowl.

Up Salem-way, Melissa has a new blog.

Back home Kansas City way, the Royals are doing their thing, creeping up toward .500, then going on a big fat losing skid.
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