Sunday, August 10, 2008

Up late or early as it were...two gigs today, one at The Whiteaker Block Party and one at Sam Bond's. Two pretty tight, the other a bit more colorful. Ran into Damon Frye, he has a new band called Podunk up in Portland. Talked to Craig D from the downtown Springfield post office. He was all kissy and huggy, I love Craig D. I took a nap between gigs, it was really nice to be conservative and have a quesadilla at home. Many others chose the ball-to-the-wall approach to the all-day party and there were quite a few flashing lights in the street.

This A.M. I finished watching a really trippy adaptation of Jean Genet's play The Balcony, with Peter Falk and Shelly Winters. The dialogue had the quality of short poems alot of the time, and it was really funny in a dark way. The word "dark" has become the new "quirky." Overused word. What does it mean? People say the new Batman is "dark...really dark." Well, yes, dark. Heath Ledger actually got to do some off-the-hook nuanced acting in a Hollywood action movie. Is that dark, or is that a miracle? I watched the series "Dinner for Five," a conversational show hosted by Jon Favreau. He should have had Peter Falk in each episode. He was the only person who risked having anything to say. He says at the dinner table, "man is God in ruins" (and Cassevetes looked harder at it than most of us are comfortable with). Nobody says stuff like that on TV. People may say stuff like that on PBS, but only Peter Falk can say that on TV, because he is all there.
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