Monday, September 1, 2008

Dave Snider and I are opening for Karl Blau next Saturday night. That should be really fun.

Angela Yeager pointed me in the direction of this article about the Salem music scene, from The Stranger. Woo hoo!

Ed and I had a nice Daily Records pre-release meeting this morning with cinammon rolls and spins from The Monks cd (thanks Stuart!). The Underlings album Operational Excellence is all ready to go. I'm gonna work on a pre-order page and get out the paste, bucket, brush, and flier bag for their release show on 10/4.

Enjoyed this movie last night. Richard Russo co-wrote.

Had a most excellent visit with Catherine and Stuart from Toronto...Catherine and I first met in third grade and have had a twenty-year correspondance. Straight-Outta-Glasgow Stuart taught me a light Scottish curse: oh gordon bennet! and also the phrase "bag of old tat." As in, I love the Oregon Coast, but that 101 tourist strip is a bag of old tat.

I hit the Cd World vinyl room this a.m. and picked up Boz Scaggs Down to Then Left, his follow up to Silk Degrees, and a vinyl reissue of Joy Division's classic first record.
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