Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dustin Lanker gave me the word about a new download site called Bandcamp. I have posted a few songs and will continue to...one upside of this artist-friendly site is that it makes FlAC and AIF files available (better sound quality for you.)

A fun weekend in Portland this weekend. Experienced the Teutonic marvels of Gustav's bier house in the Hollywood neighborhood. Some kind of atavistic mind blow to tuck into real schnitzel, saurbrauten, etc. My ancestors resting a bit easier. (And I had to call Derek Trost, not so much a "drunk dial" as a well-sated potato pancake shout out, woop woop....unhhhh....I need a tums.) Went to the Final Warning reunion show w/ Vinnie Vincent Vandell's band Street Plant as one of the openers--it was cool to be part of old home week at The Satyricon, much reminiscing about a scene that was way before my time in the NW but part of the music I've always liked. Final Warning was in fighting form, much metalloid punko butt was kicked by them.

Too much record shopping(Nomeansno, Satan's Pilgrgims Otis Redding, and many more), excellent sushi, and tons of bike-riding...we hauled our bikes up and that was a gas, great to see Portland up close on two wheels. Cheese fries at Dot's--that is some damn good eats.

Came home to the meltdown of the U.S. economy, and the Royals vaulting into fourth place on the wave of a late-season surge. How strange that NPR welcomed the one and only Newt Gingrich as expert interviewee and critic of the un-american, un-republican and quite possibly SOCIALIST bailout. Gasp!

Enjoyed the first episode in Kwaidan last night--amazing film of Japanese "ghoul" stories and weird folk tales.
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