Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is a great book, a gift from my bro Neal. I have a long list of folks I want to send this one to. Precious stuff.

The Daily Records site is up and running. The Underlings have a cd release in Portland on 11/15, @ Kelly's Olympian.

The blazing mid-september summer weather has been great. I spent most of the day ferrying art glass back and forth from Willamette Valley Sandblasting to our shop--a strange day reading Vanity Fair for ten minutes at a stretch in an old yellow truck, in this kind of Road Warrior environment. Rusted steel, blowing sand, dessicated plastic tarp flapping in the wind. Then it turned cool in what seemed like half an hour. The sun was a weird orange from all the fires and field dust...cold bike ride home. Time to get a rain suit for the bike commute, lay down some bucks for something better than the usual rubberized sauna suit. The slow-molecule dark weather is almost here and I'm gonna come out punchin'.
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