Sunday, October 19, 2008

bbq brussel sprouts

Last night I tossed brussel sprouts in ground caraway, butter, and salt, and pepper, then put them in foil and placed them on the lower shelf of the bbq under a pork loin on the top shelf. The pork loin drippings added to the caraway and butter and smoke flavor of the sprouts...then I wrapped them up to steam on the top shelf for a while. These were the best sprouts ever. The pork loin was one of those gigantor cuts from Costco and got a bit dry, as I was running back and forth between the Texas-MU game and making mashed potoatoes and stuff. I also forgot to make the applesauce slow-cooker style but made do with the microwave. Anyhoo....turned the leftover mashed spuds into a pretty good pot of soup.

Two excellent movies this weekend: Blue and The Girl in the Cafe.

Grooving this foggy day on the avant-disco of cellist (and Iowan) Arthur Russell, after a pleasant hike up Mt. Pisgah. Those Soul Jazz anthologies are just ridiculous. Beautiful art, solid vinyl, great music, and consistently interesting. True "world music" with grit and intellect intact. Always worth the twenty to twenty-five dollar import price and so much more soulful than listening to MP3's on braindrain.blah.

Finished one of Roald Dahl's adult novels My Uncle Oswald. Ridiculous! Rude! I loved it.

I am at loose ends in guitar-land. It is time for some kind of uncomfortable misdirection. Send your ideas, with ginger snap cookies and a wall of Marshalls.
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