Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The weekend kicked off early last week with the Vic Chestnutt/Elf Power show at Sam Bond's after dinner w/ Jason and Pia. That was quite a good time...they played through their new record with nary a nod to the rest of Vic's songs. Friday we played at the Oak Street Speakeasy w/ May Harpoon and Touch Force. M.H. started super late so we ended up going on @ 1:00 and having a kick ass time with Kenny drumming on his first full Squids show. He did GREAT, it was a total blast. I like the way that place is set up for shows, it really has the right feel. Then Saturday up to Kelly's Olympian in Portland for a show w/ The Ovulators and The Underlings, but first a stop at Gustav's for schnitzel. That show was great, an all-Eugene show in Portland at the club Ryan Sumner used to book and hang out at--I guess we all go there to play partly because of that. Overall, we have been having fun with the immense sound of two guitars, bass, and baritone guitar, and everyone is playing less and less and it is sounding better and better. I look to my right and to my left and their are two Squids with fully activated Line 6 pedals, not playing too much...weird and cool. I never pretended to be in control of my band, I just keep showing up and nobody kicks me out.

Then Sunday a trip to Ikea for L.P. storage brainstorming and long discussions about runners vs tablecloths (the runner ended up on the bureau)...and lunch at Dot's before hauling back home in the fog. Chilled out with a fantastic flick about Glen Tillbrook called One From the Road, about him touring solo in an old RV. Cool also that it is a fan's production, very unpretentious.

On a different vibe is the new Fucked Up record, The Chemistry of Common Life. I don't know what to say. I've spent half an hour deleting tangential gushing about this album. I deleted "best rock record since Zen Arcade." I deleted "best record of the 21st century." I deleted "fluttery flip flops in my tum-tum." Confessing self-erasure may be the highest compliment a midwesterner can give. P Hay, what do you say?
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