Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am halfway through a pint glass of hot Theraflu (p.m.), so if I trail off...unhhh...huh? wha? Oh yes, end of the year blogging. Came down with the chest rattle this week and finally made a run to the Alberton's Cold and Cough section (one section over from Intimacy). It's about time for end of the year reflection and I don't have much to say at the moment. I gave Dozer a bath in the tub last night. Going to Suds 'Em Yourself is great, but the bathtub works pretty well too. My housemate has been out of town so I have been enjoying his wicked gigantor flatscreen w/ Chiefs on Madden '07 and three movies: Human Nature (LOVED), V For Vendetta (liked it real good), and Way of the Gun (kind of so so.) I blasted through John Burdett's third Bangkok novel, Bangkok Haunts. My favorite so far, with a crushing finale.

The weirdest development of the year so far has been the Squids kind of turning into an oldies band and not really moving forward, while songs pile up on my 4-track. Rotating drummers to replace the irreplaceable Mike Last...gigs pretty fun in general, but feeling fairly retro. I don't say this to kvetch so much has to say Mt. Squid is starting to smoke and burp little ash puffs. Who knows what'll happen--I'm excited about it though. I've had The Clean anthology in the car for a while now, and that has me juiced. Looking forward to some solo shows, esp one in March w/ Brian Cutean and Blastwagon. Squids show with the might Soothesayers and equally mighty Hot For Chocolate will also be a good'n.

Seeing The Underlings record come out was great, a real highlight in '08. Bike commuting has been good, work has been good, and I'm starting to get funky from not riding during this icy/sick stretch. I'm looking forward to putting together a podcast with Eric @ System You Radio in '09; maybe taking a REAL VACATION with my sweetheart, and what else? The Meat Puppets show at The WOW Hall in January. Can't wait to see them again. It has been maybe 15 years? Agate Hall w/ Oswald 5-0. Always my fave.

Well, the Thera-Flu is kicking in. I feel like a pinata full of soggy styro peanuts...so...sleepy...klonk.

And finally, a Big Dipper vid:
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