Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making some kind of peanut sauce thing tonight, it's gonna be real, real gone. Noticed today that the bike ride home was lighter than a week ago. If I keep my outdoor life alive in some way, noticing the subtle changes can help get me through a typical Oregon winter without quite so much Chekhovian rumination. Cutting out junk food and alcohol this week and I'm about to punch a hole in the walls of my usual limitations.

The jaunt up to Salem was fun, a nice little show w/ Kalaloch at Coffee House Cafe, enjoyed konkage at Tom and Lisa's house and a late brekkie at the Mexican joint at the end of their street. La Mextica? Met Adam and Melissa's youngin' Oscar. Caught the new Clint Eastwood movie, loved it, then on to Ranch Records and Guitar Castle.

I heard about this book on Fresh Air today. (Another review here. And the author's blog here. An amazing blog about KC punk here, to keep your eyes on the basic prize. And a Pedal Jets link, for good measure.) I am reminded of that strange transition from late 80's to the early 90's, when records were about $9.95, I bought six or ten a month with grocery money my mom sent me and gig money from subbing on bass 'bone in the Cedar Rapids Symphony or babysitting at the Yeats' house. Next thing I'm testing the market, buying a poorly mastered Red Hots cd for eighteen bucks. Shoulda bought two Voivod tapes and a bagel dog. I think this shift was some kind of reptilian Adam Smith thing, not unlike a total stranger taking a leak in your car window at A & W when you thought the tray was gonna have a cheeseburger on it. But it's music, you gotta have it, it makes the world go around along with forgiveness, good office supplies, and nylon gaskets.

Now, when folks in the know are asked how musicians are supposed to make part of their living through selling records, you often hear that weird, out-of-scale answer: "The Eagles and Madonna now make their money touring with the help of high-powered concert promotors..." Uhm. Uh...The Eagles are gonna be okay, no need to send them flowers or candy. So is that guy who jumped out of his plane on purpose last week. Good Quality Information--I can smell it, I'm just not very math/econ-oriented. Willie says "if the songs are good, everything else will take care of itself."
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