Monday, January 5, 2009

We welcomed in 2009 with a Rhys Ifans movie fest: Rancid Aluminum, Janice Beard: 45 WPM, and Once Upon a Time in the Midlands. I think this had something to do with me watching Danny Deckchair in '08 at some point and loving it and adding a bunch of Ifans' other movies. Who knows when the Netflix list will cough up a strange cluster. (More on this later.) At any rate, I can recommend Janice Beard and Once Upon a Time in the Midlands but couldn't get into Rancid Aluminum, which felt like a car that had dumped its transmission before it got to th track. The actors hung in there making convincing car noises...Once Upon a Time in the Midlands was my favorite of the bunch.

I muddle over my Netflix list alot. It is like a book I started that I feel I must finish. I have vowed to clear my list before I add any new flicks. This is some weird confluence of pop culture distraction and the Wesleyan work ethic. I must have added Circle Jerks: Live at the House of Blues for a reason--a spiritual reason, even, and it may be EXACTLY the medicine I need when it does arrive. And the same goes for that anime trilogy...and a PBS miniseries version of Bleak House. These have all been on my list for about three years, while I bumped The Wire and Six Feet Under ahead of them. These selections need to be honored. Basically I feel guilty deleting items from my Netflix list. How weird is that?

On other pop culture fronts, I made my first ever ebay cd purchase, of DC3's live swan song, Vida. If you don't know DC3, they are the scuzz boogie acid rock band that Dez started after leaving Black Flag. It also features Paul Roessler from Twisted Roots. Vida is really good, probably the best album to get, cuz Dez is really killing it. (Ryan Tocchini needs to hear this record as a rev-up when Arse gets back together.) After that I started trolling for SWA records, as my SST jones never really lets up. Why didn't I get that Wurm album when I could find it? I guess what's cool about most SST bands is that they recycled and copped vibes like any indie rock scene but there is usually something groundedly LIVE and homely about the work ethic and rooted in an unpretentious, goofy creative freedom. It's like when you hear the arena rock daydream quality in early Guided By Voices. If some SST releases are the equivalent of the worst Dead bootleg you've ever heard, you still feel the tendrils of community and creativity creeping (the same way you do when you listen to the worst Dead bootleg you've ever heard.) There may be some nostalgic distortion, but that's okay I guess. On quite different fronts, I have been spinning that Paul McCartney record from a few years back, Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard. One spin and you are hooked, two spins and you think you've known it all your life. This back-t0-back with the new Slayer made for some voodooistic grilled chicken and pepper mole.
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