Monday, February 2, 2009

Droopy eyeballs today from a late night last night, playing some trombone and bass for Testface show at Sam Bond's. It was a blast. Earlier in the day, Eric Sutton and I finished our podcast for System You Radio, and it should be up in a few days. (Spun The Mice, The Embarassment, Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Killdozer, Skip Spence, The Kinks, Electric Eel Shock...on and on, what fun.) Eric has a fully loaded broadcast studio in his garage, just off the laundry room, and a loyal mascot/music director named Teddy. (apsu/shitzu mix, very smart.) System You has been re-vamped--podcasts now available for download in zip files, etc.

Our trip to the Bijou to see Slumdog Millionaire coincided with a deep dip into one of Henning Mankell's non-Wallander books: Chronicler of the Winds. It is safe to say no one in Mankell's book is going to win a million dollars on TV. I like both stories.
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