Thursday, February 12, 2009

The record convention was fun--this was my super duper prize, a Mermen record on BLUE vinyl. I really can't get enough of The Mermen. It's a completely original atmosphere they create--fun, psychedelic, dark, concise, emotionally engaging in a way that most surf rock ain't. The rest of the haul:

young fresh fellows..totally lost
squeeze...eastside story
gone..gone II but never too gone
wreckless eric...the wonderful world of wreckless eric (green vinyl)
melt-banana...cactuses come in flocks
sleater-kinney...the hot rock
gary numan..telekon

The last one reminds me of Mark Hoffman and high school daze in Liberty, Mo. It was one of those weird albums we found in the Wal-Mart cutout bin, which Wal-Marts still had in the 80's, for vinyl. Gone II I had on cassette and listened to 2 or 3 thousand times at Northwest Door and Sash on a series of crusty boomboxes. Eastside Story, one of the first pure pop records I ever heard..."sittin' up in bed/transistor on his chest..." At fifteen, I thought that tune was written FOR ME, yo. So there's a little nostalgia on the record convention experience--from the greek, meaning "the pain of old wounds," if I'm not mistaken?

My Netflix lineup of old passed-over choices is down to SIX. I know this clearing-the-queue ritual is a little neurotic. Three discs of Bleak House before I can get to the last season of The Wire? There haven't really been any duds in this couple of dozen. I thought "All Ladies Do It" was going to be a breezy Italian farce, and turned out to be one long ooh-la-la butt-shot with some sort of light cultural overlay that separated it from your average randy repairman story. Like misting a pepperoni Hot Pocket with olive oil and calling it a rustic foccacia wrap. Well, better than that.

My trusty stump-jumper is now on the bike-path-in-the-sky, ridden by ancestral spirits. A crack in the lug down by the cranks, where all of my considerable weight is borne...Shane @ Revolution Cycles sez it could go weird at any time, and often that happens in the middle of an I'm looking for a new ride. Kind of excited about that. Shane'll fix stuff before he replaces it, so if he sez it's done, it's done.

I'm on the sixth or seventh Wallander novel by Henning Mankell, Firewall. Those are great books.

Thumbs up: Costco ciabatta.
Thumbs down: A gloomy Eugene Weekly cover story about invasive wild pigs. They're so CUTE!
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