Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 1

Friday, Dave, Mike and I played a Squids gig at The Oak Street Speakeasy w/ Hot For Chocolate and Future Historians. Dave played my short-scale Gretsch bass and I played his new Dean Explorer, freshly set up by Sir Alex Fletcher. This was a fun show. A couple from Seattle out on a road trip were jazzed by our set and bought a couple of cd's for their auto-ramble. That's the best. I picked up the new Future Historians record, a 10-inch vinyl thang. They're a good new band.

Saturday, after all the woolgathering, list-making, and task-executing required to get out of town, we hit the road last night at about nine and drove to Portland. I initiated some proactive jet-leg by staying up late with the TV on, folded into the least comfortable couch. At 4:30 a.m. I woke up to find that The Royals lost a one-run complete-game Greinke start to the Angels. The commentator was kind of condescending about Greinke misfielding a bunt, which allowed the Angels to play "small ball." To console myself this morning I went to Annie's donuts on Sandy and 72cnd and got a maple pershing for Millie, for mother's day, and a chocolate old-fashioned for Tracy. I listened to some old guys grumble about oil company collusion and the state of tomato starts at Fred Meyer. Now we are at the PDX airport, early for a flight that is running late. I'd also like to add that Brian Donnely set us up with two TV Personalities cd's for the drive up and we listened to one of them. I haven't really listened to this band--it reminded me of The Clean, the messier side of Wire, and the laidback glug-chug-space-strum of GBV. Fun atonal synth parts. Which reminds me, Shellac is playing tuesday night at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. Paul Westerberg once said "music like that should be flushed down the toilet." But I like it.
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