Saturday, June 13, 2009

gnochi freaks unite

I got up early this morning so I could go to Saturday Market w/ Tracy and then walk home in the mid-morning. My plan is to watch a Japanese action flick, Machine Girl, in bed, on a Saturday—a most nihilistic way to spend 90 minutes, when I could be tending the moss on the roof. F that, man, it's gonna rain.

Last night I made a gnocchi dish with arugula, chicken sweet Italian sausages, roasted red peppers, and gorgonzola. It turned out. The gnocchi was out of a whadyacallit pressure-sealed package and was kind of slimy, once boiled, but still good. The best gnocchi I’ve had was at one of the Spoden weddings out on the McKenzie. It had a little bit of tooth to it, but was soft and not at all slimy or doughy. I think this was a Brian Keough production. They are a family prone to sudden violence so I had to eat mine under a table while brothers hit brothers with hotel pans and tiki torches. It was not the bride’s honor in question but rather which keg to tap next. The arugula was really good with the warm pasta—it steamed in a little bit but still had a good crunch with the gorgonzola. I forgot about the pancetta in the fridge, which would have put this dish over the top.

I am writing outside today, on the deck. It’s a little cool out here. Dozer is on her bed already going back to sleep after breakfast. Chris Ross and I were talking the other night about the ice dam that broke, what, 7 thousand years ago, and formed this valley, pretty much bulldozing the landscape with a catastrophic flash flood. A wall of water that carried boulders and debris like a sandblaster. It’s one of those things you think of once in a while in the midst of the 21st century hustle, Facebook checks, and oil changes. We're pulling the slo-mo wipeout with our fossil fuel problem.

Mucho groovage from the Grateful Dead live album I put on this week…it’s the first one, the one that says “dead freaks unite” in the liner notes, I bought it when I was sixteen or so, probably because the Hoffman’s were deadheads all and I wanted to know what this was about. It occurred to me that a thousand bands have tried to put that shirt on but the band that has really done it over the course of 30 years is Sonic Youth, on a musical level anyway. That’s kind of wild because the first SY show I saw was Bad Moon Rising and at that point they still would hit you upside the head like The Swans. I’d seen kids spazz out to hardcore bands but this was more primitive than that. Most of my posse was pissed off because Sonic Youth sounded like a skate punk band name, but Steve T and I stuck it out and that show changed our point of view, I’d say. I played some Dead on KWVA when I dj'd there and the phone rang off the hook. People were pissed! And what I played was the trippy jammy mid-set stuff...this was some years before indie kids got back into bongos and acid.
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