Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am psyched about The Underlings write-up in The Eugene Weekly—it says it right. I haven’t chunked my morning writins into blogosphere this last week as I saw no reason to publish paragraphs of irritatability & sleep depro rant. Just one of those weeks, maybe if I go back and cut out some chunks. I’ve continued listening to the backlog of Watt From Pedro shows—yesterday was w/ John Talley-Jones from Urinals/100 Flowers, telling that band’s story and MW playing cuts from various records. The Steve Shelley episode was the same—good way to pick up some music history and get back in touch with radio as informative. Plus you get to make your own pictures, like listening to a song. The episodes of Jack Flanders radio plays are fun.

Yesterday I downloaded a record I’ve wanted to have again for a long time, Corrosion of Conformity’s Animosity, which I recall giving to Hoffy for his birthday one year in high school. It’s after the initial hardcore one, before their 90’s records. It’s hardcore enough to be fast and cathartic but metal enough to be in that creative crossover, where you can still smell the garage they practice in and the shows they play. It reminds me of Mark's orange bug with the patchwork fenders. It's a heavy record, and I've been in the mood.

I’m halfway through James Lee Burke’s Jesus Out to Sea story collection. I’m liking that a lot, enjoying his writing in the short form. Kind of in a similar vein I took my brother Neal’s tip on the Holly Hunter angel/cop show Saving Grace, which Anne Lamott could have written in collaboration with the Cohen Brothers. I'm liking that pretty good.

I had a fun jam with Charlie McClain and Cecil Zapata this last week. They are doing a strange confunction and I played some goofy guitar with it. Music's fun, don't let anybody tell you different.

Alot has been said about my Attempted Moustache--that's why I'm going to Fu Manchu Mountain Retreat for a rigorous programme of bucket showers and early morning bamboo stick sparring.
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