Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching up today...buncha tomatoes out there to pick, and I promised Shaug I'd watch his Pink Floyd live at Pompei DVD weeks ago, since I borrowed it months ago. I mostly like being grown up but I used to have alot more time for dicking around and zoning out.

Enjoying this album this week--something deeper than these changes by Stew. Guest Host is really one of my favorite records of the last ten years, so I'm catching up on others. I described Guest Host the other day as..."like, uh, if Paul McCartney had written Berlin." This is wildly inaccurate but could work. Not the guitar aspect of Berlin or the depressive aspect of Berlin, but the narrative proximity to psychosexuality aspect of Berlin. But really funny and healing. Or maybe I'm just thinking about that record because I watched the live DVD of the album tour, with Steve Hunter slicing and dicing with zero guitar bullshit, so refreshing.

I finished the Sonic Youth bio. Kind of weird to see the book winding down with a sense of the band not having quite "made it," on that big time rock level. That had never occurred to me.

Making progress towards a solid batch o songs for a new album due in whenever. I was pushing the french press plunger pretty hard and getting alot of grounds in my nose. Now I'm on the slow putz and demanding maximum enjoyment from a song before it makes the cut, whatever "the cut" is...I rhyme light with night too much, and have a bunch of songs with flowers and animals in them.
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