Sunday, September 20, 2009

My blog has fallen by the wayside lately, eclipsed by Facebook probably. Back to the old-school (circa '07) mode.

Today I went over to Eric Sutton's house and we recorded a podcast for his System You Radio site--it should be up there within the next couple of weeks. That was alot of fun--I started callling his garage studio the Honeycomb Hideout. So far he has not gone so far as to set up System You as a streaming internet radio site--that would initiate different licensing issues--but he does have a bunch of podcasts up there--his two shows, La Belle Machine (eclectic) and Modern Mono (punk, all styles). My show is going to be called "After the Original Style," after a Slovenly record. Today I played Ornette Coleman, The Damned, Bo Diddley, Beltline, Volcano Suns, and all sorts of stuff. We also broke the story of "white pepper punks," a narrow subculture of punk rockers who atomize white pepper with bike pumps, so that they can sneeze on bands rather than the traditional spitting or "gobbing." This was funny at the time, but now that I put it down in black and white, it only seems funny to me.

Reading Cara Black's mystery Murder in the Sentier, set in Paris, part of the Soho Crime series. I'm liking it alot. Good atmospheres.

We watched an unholy ton of Anthony Bourdain shows this week. Colombia, Tokyo, Laos. I got a major grump on this morning, after a hippy breakfast at a neighborhood place. Unsalted, unseasoned rice and beans...the kind of stuff Eugene has had going on for so long...a straight shot of early American sensual denial in the guise of rainbow power. Yuck. That's not the Phil Zone, man. I didn't want pork belly or anything, just some cumin and garlic in the beans. Lucky it was nice to be with my sweetheart no matter the grub, read the paper, and enjoy the morning sunshine.

Two weeks ago we went to Kansas City for a short visit and had a good time. I really dug seeing the hardwood truck pull up to the back of Arthur Bryant's. So much depends on that truck, maybe the whole universe. Also a trip to Winstead's, and a nice little restaurant on Westport Road called Pot Pie. Was truly lucky to play a show at The Record Bar with Arrington De Dionyso, who is on tour with a new album of trippy post-punk throat-singing...Malaysian-language versions of Blake. He performed almost a capella, with a little resonator box and a couple of pieces on bass clarinet. Like Archie Shepp and Richard Hell at a Tuvan throat-singing ritual. El nutso-rama, what a blast, true art-making. A bunch of the hometown gang came to the show and that was really sweet. The weather was fine, and we got to a Royals game with my nephew Aaron. Zach Greinke pitched eight innings of shut-out baseball, then the bullpen blew gnarly chunks. Sort of felt like the 20,000 fans there knew it was coming. If only we could have harnessed mental power and channelled it into accurate heat, low in the strike zone, and good defense. However, since our visit to the stadium, the Royals have been on a minor tear, sweeping the Tigers and winning eight out of ten. Billy Butler seems to have settled into the number three spot in the lineup and is hitting .300. It seems like nothing about that team settled in this year, other than Zach having a Cy Young year on an underperforming team.

Since coming back to Snooze Valley we have played some fun shows w/ Beltline (check out Rob's new 7" w/ Cure covers), Red Jacket Mine, and Drew Grow and the Parson's Wives. They were a wild band--four people opening indie/psych/folk-choir taps full-bore. Not something you see every day. Bands don't generally act as conduits to listeners that way. It's thrilling when they do.

The cherry tomato plants continue to give big, the September sunshine is pristine, and I did it, I bought the Gretsch Catalina '64 reissue, 4-piece kit and am having a hell of a good time 4-tracking and writing songs on it. Who knew "going to a movie on the moon" would even exist before I started beating on that floor tom?

My pal Dearl Poore recorded the Squids two weeks ago and what I heard on the phones that night sounded really great, as far as the recording. I'm sure I rode on the clam caravan quite a bit that night, but spirits were high...
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