Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No, All!

Saturday I drove up to Portland and saw All at Dante's. It was a one-off show for lucky Northwesterners....My Name was also on the bill, along with My Life in Black and White, Neutral Boy, and a band called The Squids (no, not THOSE Squids.) It was solo date night for DJ and the first thing I did after parking downtown was find some chow, an asada taco for starters, followed by a Vietnamese-style sandwich from a cart called Lady Thai. I'd never had anything like that--lots of cilantro and shredded carrots on small hoagie-style roll that was soft on the inside and kind of crunchy outside. Good and tasty, as the first cold wind of the season was whipping through downtown PDX, giving hipsters that Kafka slump, which can be contagious. (At least I wasn't going to see a band with a bad drummer and novice accordian player.) I was a little road-shocked and hungry, not having eaten since a somewhat immoderate breakfast at Cafe Sienna in Eugene. Then I hit Voodoo Donuts for the first time and had this one called the Grape-Ape, a raised donut with what tasted like Grape Kool-Aid icing., and grape sprinkles. Damn that was good. Real intense. All the wild flavors and bacon-maple concoctions aside, they make amazing donuts...chewy but still somehow light. This chowdown was a necessary extension of All-O-Gistics. It had to be so. Later I went back and had an Orang-utang.

All hit it hard from the get-go and played maybe thirty songs, half a dozen from The Descendents book, alot of stuff from "Allroy's Revenge." I think everyone there felt really lucky to hear those songs and that chemistry again. It was flat out fun, and a really warm vibe. I bombed on home late and worked the classic rock dial to stay awake. Sunday we were walking around and I said "it's kind of like the day after Christmas today, getting to see All last night." The kind of day where you take a long walk to get a loaf of bread and some coffee and then go back to bed and watch a movie. (Eternity and A Day, directed by Theo Angelopoulo.) Best All song of the night: "Skin Deep." That riff is like punko-pop Robert Fripp on 8 cans of Jolt.
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