Monday, November 9, 2009

A little blog catch-up...probably the biggest deal right now is that I traded out my Clinton-era maroon high-top Chucks for a new pair of charcoal grey lows. I have to say I'm really digging the low-top feel in a color I've never had before. Typically I ride to work in my cons, and half the time they get a little wet...but they dry fast, once I put on my cushy New Balance work boats. The chucks dry fast.

On musical fronts, we had a fine show Friday at Sam Bond's, ending with a two-bass version of "joy." Dave and I are now both proud owners of Gretsch short-scale electromatics. We jumped off stage, put on matching outfits, came back, and it kind of sounded like the Melvins little brothers trying to sound heavy. Very fun. Both Bryan Free and The Stagger and Sway played good sets.

Much writing lately, enjoying my drum set, and learning that if you play the drums along with your own songs, it's pretty hard to sound wrong, and it's a mellow way to learn. And playing along to the mighty CCR double greatest hits is helpful. It's just plain fun to make stuff--if you're looking for metrics of what success is...drumming is like guitar--those highly technical, virtuosic role models intimidate everyone into not doing it. And that's why punk rock did so much for our collective beginner's don't have to be Keith Moon, you just have to do it and be present to win. Get physical with an instrument you don't know how to play and you'll do it your way. And that concludes this month's "ask dan" response to a non-existent letter...

Somewhere in the last month, Laura Nyro's music took over my Ipod, then my turntable, then my whole body. My sisters' had her records when I was growing up but "New York Tendaberry" was just too funky for me, as I was worshipping Billy Joel and later The Police, at that time. Some things happen when the time is right...she's one of those artists who took on pop forms and idiom whole, then operated well outside them, apparently effortlessly, in a kind of charged, naked, unschooled way. When I realized she's been gone more than ten years, it was weird, like missing a star you can see in the sky. She's up for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, along with The Stooges. Speaking of which, I saw All, Nomeanso, and Bob Mould in October, and Mission of Burma hits Eugene later this week. It was a good month, but I'd better go see a new band of young skinny guys with beards play folk rock, if I really want to know what is up in upsville. Has the name Cougar Paw been taken?
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