Monday, February 1, 2010

Another cool flier by Mac at the Oak Street Speakeasy

I haven't been blogging much lately, so here goes. A number of projects in the works...there's a mighty fine Squids live album (Live Joy '09) in the can, courtesy of Eugene sound engineer Dearl Poore. If all goes as planned, he'll be recording our show on 2/6 (see poster) for volume II. Mike played drums on #1. Brian is playing Saturday.

I'll be recording a split e.p. with Peter Wilde and his band in about three weeks, at Type Foundry Two songs each, to be released on vinyl, and digitally. I was thinking we should call it the Travelling Wheelbarrows, but that didn't stick.

I have a new band, The Golden Motors, with Dan'l Schmid and Jivan Valpey. We worked out material for the new record and it wasn't a Squids record, it just was what it was. So there it is. Eric Sutton is working on some album art and record label reps are hiding in the bushes outside all the places we MIGHT be, like Costco, the coffee shop, the library, and so forth.

I busted my ass, and I mean seriously, to finish a Dorothy Sayers mystery, but finally gave up. It was like being beat to death with those flotation noodles that kids play with in swimming pools. I'm on to the new John Burdett, an Elmore Leonard called Up in Honey's Room, and the second Michael Connelly. I'm reading E.L's books in reverse order, and starting at the beginning with M.C.'s.

There's a new bike shop in Eugene called Arriving by Bike, it's on 27th and Willamette. I just got a new lid there...sorry to see Revolution go. I bought my bike there, took it there for service, and dug having a bike shop in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Good luck to all those folks.
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