Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've kind of let the blog slide after Facebook came along...seems old-fashioned to offer chunks of expository writing without a bunch of bells and whistles. Tell that to a donkey hauling bags of mail over The Great Divide in 1789, led by a snow-encrusted loner with a sore tooth. Anyhoo, it's a partly sunny sort of blustering day in the valley today...started out loading in to Saturday Market at 8:00, then back to the prak pad for jamz with Dan and Mike for next week's trip to Sand Point/Moscow. Gig tonight w/ Dan and Jivan at The Oak Street Speakeasy w/ Fancy Bandits and Judo Pony. Music life has been good lately, with recording sessions and lots of writing, pretty regular prak, and giggage. Having a good 'puter in the hut for recording demos on Garageband has been great. Drums, bass--too much fun.

Tunes that are grabbing me muchly are that new Vivian Girls record, which sounds weirdly like early Husker Du because of the splashy drums and 60's reverbo-distortion feel of it. Right outta the garage into the air. I like the new Richard Hawley, Truelove's Gutter...knocked out by Joanna Newsome's triple slab...this morning fired up reissue of Nick Lowe's Jesus of Cool to get buckets on the trailer and feet moving forward. I am the sole fan of Gary Numan records at my house and they have been getting spin at select times. My favorite song of the moment is "Go Blue Angels, Go" by Young Fresh Fellows... My neighbors across the street, it turns out, are the punk rock band Black Delaney. I've been enjoying their set for some time now. I think there's a jam band behind us too, maybe it is Volifonix. Last night Tracy brought us cupcakes during prak and passed them through the garage know, really, one would like more checks in the mail, a thinner waist, a stronger chin, more this, and more that, but life is really good.

The e.p. I did with Peter Wilde and his band has been delivered by SAE Mastering in Phoenix to United Record Pressing and should be plated soon. It's four songs on 12" 45. Figuring out the art. Had planned DIY screenprint for 7" but the songs stretched out...seems like a 12" jacket begs for the full offset printing treatment. I finished the vocals on The Golden Motors record, pretty much, last weekend. Working title: Laughing Practice.

Watched some good movies lately--two documentaries by the same maker, "Helvetica" (about the font) and "Objectified" (about the design process that goes into making everyday objects like cell phones, carrot peelers, and so on.) Season 3 of Madmen has us by the scruff, that's real good.

There was a gap in my Captain America subscription so I'm not exactly sure where the Cap who died ended up but I think he's up and running again, so that's good, real good.

The Royals seem to be a couple middle relievers away from over-.500 baseball. They are more fun to follow than they have been in a while.
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