Thursday, May 13, 2010

The sun is out and we have topped 70 today in Eugene, after the longest, coldest, darkest quasi-winter non-spring of all time. The ref called the fight, but Leon Spinks kept at us with a pair of giant ten-foot wide soggy sponge boxing gloves. While reading Sartre in a This American Life monotone. So today’s not so bad, and the van is running good again after having the top end rebuilt in Portland and then having exhaust port gaskets fail first on one side, then on the other. Cars are expensive. You’re either paying them off or paying to have them repaired and it’s all about the same. I’m just glad I’m not doing both. Joe Rudi is sounding good now.

Our little tour to Idaho w/ Stagger and Sway was fun. John’s Alley in Moscow was a stellar night, with old pals Patty and Matt there. We got a nice board recording of that one by soundman Jeff—The Golden Motors band starting to rock it pretty good. We have new tees designed and printed by Jen Drake and Chris Ross. Going fast! Bass man Dan did most of the wheeling on the trip and I had a good time seeing new landscapes with him and chatting away sans radio or cd player in his club cruiser. We are currently percolating a family-friendly tour to NorCal. And Scott K is learning Golden Motors songs and that’s gonna be good jams.

I started re-reading Wright Morris’ book The Works of Love, maybe his first book, I’m not sure. If I had far-reaching taste-making and publishing power I would champion Wright Morris. A square writer who is so cool he makes Kerouac sound like The Fonz from Happy Days. Weird things happen in other books but when weird things happen in his books it is transparent in a Midwest kind of way that can only be called good manners crossed with Beckett. Or call it giving folks plenty of rope. There’s a turn of phrase on every page to inspire a song. Start one and there’s twenty more books just as good.

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