Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Somewhere in the dead of winter, Ed Cole and I got together on a couple of monday nights and wrote a couple songs. "Lazy Larry on the Lowdown" is one of them. There's a low-fi take on it here.

The Golden Motors played a right-on show with Pellet Gun and The Underlings Saturday night at The White Eagle in Portland. That was super fun...the White Eagle was full of Eugene ex-pats...one of whom (Stacy V) now runs the joint. On Sunday afternoon I was loading gear out and the lady who was working the night before was opening. She said "that was a great crowd. Every time I went outside someone held the door open for me." Good peeps, good show, big ol' living room rock feel. Took Millie to Milo's too. Looking forward to the Sam Bond's Garage anniversary party Saturday 7/24. Thanks to Drew for having us on board for that one.

I read Dirk Hayhurst's book The Bullpen Gospels. Loved that. Now I'm reading Pauline Kael's I Lost It At The Movies. Got hooked on Lost....bought a Droid phone. Dang that is fun.
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