Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not much bloggage lately—busy times—busy posting photos of dinner on Facebook. Now for text-driven communication in the public sphere. A lot of different stuff going on lately, fun shows on trombone w/ Testface and The Comforters. The Comforters released their record w/ a sweet cover of “Redbird in the Rain” on it. I learned “Let ‘Em In” on trombone for a Testface show; that was fun. Always one of my favorite songs from childhood. The McCartney universe gets better and better--so many great songs.

The e.p. with Peter Wilde is pretty much done, I’m printing the covers and have a ways to go on that but we’ll have plenty for the Eugene release show on 10/29. It will come with a download coupon for Dan Jones and the Squids “Live ‘09” and Peter Wilde’s long-awaited “Super Taco” anthology. Plus a physical cd of the e.p.
Pretty cool package w/ these VALUE ADDED FEATURES. What do you want for ten bucks, a chrome cassette of Eddie Money? (LOVE Eddie Money btw.)

The Golden Motors LP is close to mixing time, and that will be fantastic. We had a string of shows this summer and most recently hit Salem, where friends up there got to see this rad band. Meantime I’m writing away and demoing all the time, which is always FUN. Uncomplicated logistically and what I like to do: write songs and bash them out. Therefore, I give you…”car dancing,” though I’m told by my sweetheart that referencing Huggies is a mistake. That I should say “Kirkland Disposables" in today's economy.

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