Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The green run of "My Name Is John Smith" is done, with some teal versions in there too. You can still order them here or here. (One super fat box set order pictured above. ) Thanksgiving was a nice break, with success in the turkey department and much good eating, laying around, etc. I found Child's Play 2 a helpful digestive aid. Chucky is one sociopathic doll. When I was a kid G.I. Joe's weren't in the parenting plan, so I had Steve and Bob Scout. They were pretty rad, had a jeep with a winch, a canoe w/ trailer, some plastic eggs, a plastic campfire, frying pan,etc. They had various acroutrements you could pine for at Christmas and birthdays--scuba gear, alpine gear. Me and Steve and Bob got in a few scrapes but we always found our way through. Sadly, the heads and limbs of Steve and Bob Scout were poorly designed and tended to pop off when the action got rough; the canoe was lost in a gasoline-soaked viking burial of a platoon of army men in the creek behind our house. Next I will discuss the Geronimo and cowboy doll that followed Steve and Bob in my pantheon of rad toys. Snider has a version of the former on the dashboard of his van, which has always seemed cosmic to me.
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