Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Twinkle Time

Well, there it is, a Christmas number! Never done that before, that I can remember. I've been nuts for the lights this year and the gutters are strung.

This week features a big show at Sam Bond's Garage, Thursday 12/23--Elliot Martinez hosting the Sam Bond's White Elephant Exchange, with a special opening set from The Squids featuring TWO DRUMMERS (Mike Last and Ken Howe) and Dave Snider on bass. The Golden Motors will round out the night playing songs from our long-player in progress, which is ready for the mixing board after one last session at Big Timbre last weekend. Jason tied up the loose ends and then he and Pia headed out on Comforters tour. It's sounding great. The Sam Bond's also celebrates the birthdays of two rad dudes, Doug and Dru.

Shoot, we're heading toward Top Ten time, but I have no exhaustive line on what's new and cool--only my knocking through life and running into stuff I like. I have been heavy into anything by Richard Hawley. The Mission Of Burma documentary knocked me out; so did the film Winter's Bone. I recently picked up The Pedal Jets revamp of their second record, which they were never that happy with. (Much of it re-recorded, re-mixed, and given mucho TLC after a rush job on the original.) They are a Kansas City band who were heavily active in the mid-to-late 80's, touring with more well-known bands of the day, and sounding alot like The Replacements with more psychedelic stuff going on and more of a lower-midwest rhythm section in line with the KC/Chicago hammer-down style. At least that is my rock crit balogna about it. Sounds like home to me. I guess the best show I saw was The Baseball Project at The Doug favorite restaurant is still Belly, and my current pair of Chuck Taylor's is gray, and should last a few more years. I am getting less worse at drums and still bike commuting most days. I see the Royals traded Greinke, but fans are used to years of de-building, so I'm still keeping an eye on the date that pitchers and catchers report. Chiefs heading toward the playoffs? I'm waiting for the tell-tale shimmer that tells all Star Trek fans they are in an episode featuring an alternative universe triggered by an ion storm and some flimsy sci-fi hypothesis. My alma mater Iowa and my home place team Mizzou head-to-head in a bowl game? Break out the black and gold M & M's.
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