Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today Steve Traylor and I went out to the Boot Sale across from Autzen Stadium--Boot as in British English for garage [loyal reader Kate tells me "boot" means trunk, not garage]....a mobile garage sale, not exactly a flea market. I found a David Sylvian cd, "Dead Bees on a Cake" and some classic country 7" box sets. The Sons of the Pioneers on teal vinyl singles? What? Woo hoo. Tom Heinl and Scott K will have to hit that for Bingo prizes. They'll be in the parking lot next to juvie center and across from Autzen every Sunday this (not) summer (yet).

Then I came home to mow the yard. The mower, which I'd had tuned up and repaired for $80, wouldn't start. But The Royals clobbered the Angels 9 to 0, so I let it go after ALOT of cussing, and threw it back into the back of the truck after tinkering with it a little bit. Mike Moustakas came up this week--things are looking good. Escobar's defense is spectacular and he had two hits today too. Lots of good innings from the bullpen. Starting pitching is still real rough, but we've had some "quality starts" this week. I think that means, at this point, not getting shelled in the third inning or melting down after six. The Royals drafted Bubba Starling too, a guy whose parents gave him a quality baseball name at an early age. The MLB draft never used to get much press. It seems to these days.

My Droid has had a serious MLB workout this (not) summer (yet). I follow KC close and tend to turn on Pittsburgh games when KC isn't on. If you follow one team closely you eventually get a tour of the whole league.

My dear friend Joe Carioti died a week ago Friday. I have written alot about it and hope to share but it's still a big hurt and a big blob of text on the page. Joe was a sweet, funny, talented, soulful, loving man. A loving father, a good friend to many, many people. Big soulful man, so many people hurting right now. It's Sunday, it's raining like crazy, again, and Joey Goat-0 is making buffalo hot wings in Heaven.

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