Friday, July 29, 2011

Yesterday after work I had my hand fully inside the Ruffles bag and was about to break my commitment to another two weeks of no between-meals foraging or junk food, but bam, some kind of late-blooming impulse control kicked in. I watched half an hour of Andrei Rublev, a three and half hour Tarkovsky film about a 15th century icon painter and then went to the Margaret Bailes Johnson track, where I put on a show of such doggedly slow running that stars appeared in the sky and the moon rose and fell while indolent neighbor children pointed and laughed and shot bottle rockets in my general direction. The first no-junkfood period earned me a set of totally boss Royals coffee cups. The second two-week period includes pushups as part of the plan (not many, but good ones) and the carrot on the stick is the new Bob Mould autobiography. (Schematic drawings of the compressors used on Zen Arcade? Nerds assemble.) Andrei Rublev immediately grabbed me. A 3.5 hour movie about a 15th century Russian icon painter pulled me in? Yes. After all, I used to read Chekhov stories instead of dating. Unrequited love was more literary.

The art work for The Golden Motors cd is done and the masters sound good. Kevin Nettleingham put some sparkle dust on it and I really dug seeing his new studio. Eric Sutton did some drawings, Claire Flint contributed a live band photo, and Dave Snider pulled it all together in his typically deft and stylish and colorful way. I appreciate all the energetic artists in my friends circle and how generous they have been to help me put a face on the music. Daily Records Catalog #0007 rocks really hard and I'm proud of it.

Despite their crappy record, The Royals are still alot of fun to watch, and with Butler and Hosmer bringing the long ball more and more, their fragile starting rotation isn't quite the liability that it was two months ago. If a starter can get it to the fifth or sixth inning without leaving hisr ass on the mound good things can happen. When Moustakas starts to hit this is going to be a formidable lineup. Two days until the trade deadline--not wanting to see Francoeur or Cabrera go. Kyle Davies baffled Boston and KC fans with a dynamite start on Monday. And the bullpen held Boston for seven scoreless innings--this is a fun team if you take it one game at a time.
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