Thursday, September 15, 2011

green tomatoes, red telecasters, and poppers

Seattle Baseball Weekend w/ Rick and Jackie
I took my old Mexican Telecaster to Rick Kneale this week. The tone pot went spontaneously kaput when I pulled it out of the case at Darrell’s, up in Seattle. I really should have taken a photo of Rick holding one of his rad custom guitars, but since he so improved the playability of this MexiTel, I took this one. I think it might be the only guitar in the world with both Iggy Pop and Princess Leah on it.

Out in the back yard, our un-pruned, untended peach tree has ONE large end-of-summer yellow-orange orb isolated on a far branch. That’s the kind of summer it has been. Short but glorious, within quirky limits. We also have about fifty pounds of green tomatoes that I’m hoping will turn red while we are on vacation, but I have my doubts. I’m told green tomato chutney is an option. It would be five-year supply. That bed is kind of tucked in the far corner of the yard and doesn’t get quite as much sun as it could. The big garden excitement at this point is a crop of leeks I planted six weeks ago, per the advice of our default garden/yard mentor, Mike, whose Fox Hollow Nursery is next to the Dairy Mart on 29th and Friendly. It’s a dense little grotto of diversity, exotica, and good quality information next to the place you get your newspaper, half and half, and Rolos.

I should be brushing up on my francais for vacation, especially since my Spanish is at the “hola” level. Paris for almost a week, and then Olvera, Spain for another 6 days. This trip has been on the books for a few months now, but I haven’t bothered to process it, staying in the foreground of life mostly, which at times is like running a gauntlet of soggy nerfballs. The laugh track is on, so it's no problem.

I buzzed up to Seattle last weekend and saw the Royals/Mariners game with Rick Deiss and his girlfriend Jackie. Twenty years I have lived in Eugene and that’s the first MLB trip for me—so much fun. Our next plan is to check out the EMP. I want to see The Flaming Lips van.

Even at twenty + games under, The Royals are alot of fun this year, and getting better. Luke Hochevar has had a great second half and seems to be getting through the bumps in the middle innings that were derailing him in the first half. The 1-5 spots in the lineup are all hitting at least .275 w/ close to 20 homers each. Alex Gordon has really caught fire, leading the league in doubles and outfield assists. The way he transitioned into left field and the lead-off spot, becoming so good at it, so fast, is inspiring. I'm still Royals-centric, and not really a baseball expert, but it seems like a matter of lowering the team ERA a run or so while this dynamite offense starts to pummel the crap out of opposing pitchers in 2012. Probably the funnest part has been watching the outfielders nail runners. Melky Cabrera doubled up a guy at first at the game I saw in Seattle. I hopped up like a crazy person and shouted BOOM!!!! GOT HIM!!! It was kind of embarassing.

I have listened to many hours of games at this point and wonder: when did pop-ups become "poppers"? All the announcers say "poppers" now, and so I imagine Billy Butler lofting a deep-fried jalapeno pepper full of cream cheese into shallow right field. Gorman Thomas never hit "poppers." Roger Maris never hit "poppers." What is up with this linguistic shift?

I’m working on a Kickstarter proposal for the Golden Motors record, which is all ready to press up. Having had the experience of releasing records DIY with most of the energy and money going into the production and duplication, I wanted to slow down this time and think through a different approach.

Music-wise I've been listening to the most recent Meat Puppets alot, the most recent Posies, and various others things on my laps at track.  I have an unmastered copy of the new Underlings that is smokin'! I am bummed that I missed the Off! show in Portland. That is not fair. Not fair at all.
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