Tuesday, October 25, 2011


     Sunday we did some shopping and whatnot and ended up going to Dickie Jo's for lunch.  I'm not a big fan of retro diners.  Having grown up going to Winstead's in Kansas City, I can't really buy in to a place because they've put up some black and white photos from 1953.  In this doubting spirit, I took a left turn on the hamburger menu at Dickie Jo's and got a BLT.

     It was one righteous BLT.

     Some BLT's have so little bacon on them that if you take a strategically misplaced bite, you can pull all the bacon out, and you're left with a lettuce and tomato sandwich.  You order a BLT knowing that it will only be a sad rumor of the kind you'd make at home.  But this bomber was like a Webster's College Dictionary sawed in half, and had a stout layer of peppery, smoky bacon, not just two strips of el cheapo stuff cut in half to form a lame 4x layer. This was a guess-I'll-skip-dinner, kick-ass BLT.  My doubts about Dickie Jo's retro vibe were kung fu'd right in the breadbasket.

     Also, my fourteen laps at the track last night were super BLT-fueled and the not-suffering kind of laps.

     The Golden Motors are playing at Sam Bond's on Saturday 10/29 w/ The Underlings (my unmastered burn of their new album is rocking!) and a Kill Rock Stars band from Winnepeg called Boats.  I think it will be a fun time.

     I am learning more and more about Blogger,  after years of maintaining a layout even more rudimentary than this one.  The line between website and blog has pretty much been erased by all the different functions and features of Blogger (and I can only assume, other common blog hosting sites.)   Learning this in public has probably been clunky in some ways.
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