Thursday, November 10, 2011

Season 5 of Lost and a Big Bowl of Chex Mix

I'm still in the "A" section of David Thomson's film compendium Have You Seen...we're well into season 5 of Lost, or I might be into the B's.  I had a creative writing teacher in college who had a theory that any story that is off track will feature an aside or non sequitur or "tell" (as in poker).  A character will say "where are we going with this?" or the plot will take a pointless detour to a funhouse, when the writer is really intent on not having fun as a writer.  And in the funhouse, the character says "where are we going with this?" and perhaps that is where the story should start. Something like that.  Anyways, Lost has whole episodes like that, if not major segments of seasons. Basically when you introduce time travel into a storyline built on techno paranoia, hothouse sociology, hunky guys, and tits, you've got a big bowl of chex mix with a hole in the bottom.  But it is still fun.  About nineteen people have recommended Breaking Bad in the last month, so that may be next.

So, when not watching Lost, I follow through on my other ridiculous plan (along with the Ridiculous Pushup Plan) of watching every film in Thomson's book.  Every film I haven't see already, that is.  This week it was the French Resistance film Army of Shadows.  It's a non-action war film, about the the Resistance in France. Next up, the technically innovative early sound picture, Applause.

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