Monday, November 7, 2011

McMennamin's weekend + The Ridiculous Pushup Plan

Back in Eugene after the mini McTourlet to Edgefield & Hotel Oregon. Very appreciative that McMennamin’s put us up and gave me a couple corners in which to sing and play. Highlights: the heated pool at the Edgefield spa. That beats driving home in the middle of the night, drinking Diet Pepsi to stay awake, for sure. Kicking around McMinnville was fun too. I found the Scott McCaughey LP “My Chartreuse Opinion” at Ranch Records, and ran into my book-merchant friend Dennis. Has a new store in McMinnville called Parnassus Books, with his partner Lucy, after closing up shop in Springfield last year. 

I sent the Golden Motors' cd off to be duplicated, through Nettleingham Audio. Thanks to Kevin for always having it totally together, on both the mastering and duplication side. And thanks to Dave Snider for the cool art, and Eric Sutton for the groovy cover drawing, and for Jason and Pia for seeing the recording through.

Good news from Royals camp: Alex Gordon wins a Gold Glove for his first year in a new position. That's pretty inspiring.

I've hit the 4.5 mile mark at the track lately.  It's taking me a good long time; cutting back to 3.5 once last week took literally two minutes off my time for each mile.  I guess I saddle up for the slow haul...
my Big Dan's Ridiculous Pushup Plan is going well.  I started doing ten pushups and crunches a day, and add one to the daily set, per week.  I'm up to 24, which means in one year, I'll be doing 77 pushups a day.  In ten years, I'll be doing 545 pushups a day.  In thirty years, I'll be 72 years old, and doing 1,585 pushups a day!  It's good to have a game plan.
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