Sunday, December 11, 2011

French Classics and Foam Tomahawks

Loved this movie.  Just incredible.  Often in top ten greatest films of all time.  And as I watched it, I thought, Tom Waits would have a good time turning this into an opera.

The Chiefs have the Jets today, with Tyler Palko under center.  I've been following the Chiefs a little more since I discovered this world news app for my phone that takes me to the KC Star sports articles (along with reviews of Korean taco carts in the L.A. Times.)  Palko is getting beat up something fierce for blowing massive chunks in his first three starts--in which he took more snaps than he had in his first three seasons.  KC fans seem particularly rabid and short-sighted and perhaps sexually frustrated.  They write death threats to bad placekickers, as well as good placekickers who miss kicks in the snow.  They make what they think are ominous Native American warrior sounds while brandishing foam tomahawks.  Yet, I still like the Chiefs.  If, as an eight year-old, you pretend to be Steve Fuller, skidding around a half-frozen yard, chucking a sodden nerf football, you are committed to being a Chiefs fan.  That's how it works.  The red, the white, the gold--those become your colors.  Me and Davis Hadden doing our Ted McKnight cuts in the slush.
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