Monday, June 25, 2012

Tommy John Surgery On My Gretsch Short Scale Electromatic Bass

This is a re-write of a song that laid around for a while.  I think I've shared a blockier version before, minus the riff and various other things.  I'm just happy to have a small space where I can play drums and sing.  The neighbors never complain.  I do all the electric guitar parts with Garage Band filters, straight in to the M-audio, same with the bass.  So I spare them the sound of me doing nineteen passes while I learn four notes on bass in a particular sequence.

Summer's kinda swinging and the garden cart is filling up with weeds over and over again.  I tried to get on Pinterest by spraypainting a couple of Adirondack chairs but have so far been shut out. 

The Royals are sending their fourth pitcher in for Tommy John surgery in two months.  Here's an article I found about the general increase of such things in MLB.  KC pulled their standard move this weekend: a fine 7 and 2 road run, followed by an ugly sweep at home.  We KC fans need Tommy John surgery on our brains, and our bass guitars.  Arghh.

I haven't read many graphic novels--maybe only a couple, Blankets and The Dark Knight.  I found A Drifting Life at Powell's a while back and really like it.  It's autobiographical,  and also tells the story of the development of manga comics.  It's an 800-pager, but I haven't had a problem with that at all.

     Our friends Holly and Bev have a new coffee cart called Clementine's, next to The Party Cart on Friendly and 28th.  They make good joe.  We hit The Party Cart twice this week--great food.  We had Vietnamese sandwiches with smoked zuchhni and pastrami Thursday and caught a couple songs by Stiff Peaks, who played parking lot style kind of quiet-like.  Our neighgborhood is getting kind of zippy, I must say.  

And don't forget The Golden Motors show at Cozmic on 6/28 w/ Lost Lander from PDX.

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