Friday, May 31, 2013


I haven't followed up further on Punk Rock Bowling, as getting back in the swing of things has taken some time.  My mind has been on KC baseball, not so much the losing as the addictive dynamic of reading blogs and commentary about KC baseball.  You can start shooting up cynicism and anger like a drug if you get too deep into that.  And what is it about really?  It's about baseball, a game that grown men play in pajama-like uniforms.  Beards don't mitigate the pajama factor, sorry guys, especially when you can't hold a lead in middle relief.

The big news yesterday was the firing of current hitting coaches and the hiring of George Brett.  There has been all kinds of commentary about this but the thing that jumps out for me (besides the clutch hitting and the rain-delayed win last night) is Brett's concept of "forced fun," taught to him by his mentor Charlie Lau.  In the simplest ways, in all parts of life, we can all practice this.  Another phrase for this is "fake it til you make it."  This clearly applies to music and writing and all kind of creative processes too.  It's advice that applies to life.  To today.

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